Across the weekend of 20th and 21st February 50 Co-op Juniors took part in a sponsored 2-hour non-stop Danceathon which raised over £4200 for our Appeal Fund. 

With thanks to JLA Sound and Light our studios at Paul’s Road were prepared for our 7 practitioners to lead this online fundraiser. As all the juniors joined us live from their living rooms, the disco lights were switched on, the music was turned up and the Danceathon began. 

After having to postpone the fundraiser earlier this year, the Juniors all fully embraced completing the challenge from their homes. We’re so pleased we were able to provide them with the much-needed opportunity to get together virtually and dance to their favourite music, all whilst raising funds to support our future. 

We were so impressed by the hard work from all our students who not only kept dancing throughout the 2 hours but managed to do so with big smiles and lots of laughter. It was great to see so many parents and siblings joining in too. 

We are proud to share that thanks to the support of the Juniors’ family and friends we raised over £4200. We have big ambitions to grow our Theatre Academy and get our company back in rehearsals to perform for you all as soon as possible. We’d like to thank our students and their loved ones for their generosity, without which we would not be able to see these plans come to fruition. 

There is still time for you to show your support and donate to our Appeal Fund

Co-op Juniors Theatre Company

The Co-op Juniors Theatre Company are grateful for the support of the East of England Co-operative Society

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